In Canada there is no statute of limitations for reporting a sexual assault or sexual abuse.

Survivors Guide is an information site for Canadian survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse. We provide Canadian survivors of sexual assault and sexual abuse with information about what to do and what to expect, if you have made the choice to file a report, or if you are still uncertain about taking that step.We will provide you with information from the experiences of survivors and the resources and support services they found helpful.

Always remember that you may have been victimized by sexual violence, but by searching for help you have started your healing.

Survivors Guide


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  1. I am amazed that I’ve received counselling on and off for over 10 years now and volunteered at a rape crisis centre and I was still not aware that there is no statute of limitations on sexual violence. I think that’s incredible! I wonder how many other sexual violence survivors don’t know that. Thank you for this site and for posting that information!

    • Philippa,

      I’m sorry it’s taken all this time for you to learn about this legal statute.

      You know about it now and you can educate others.

      I started this site after my experience with the justice system. I started researching the different agencies within it and I was surprised by the volume of information that had not been shared with me. It’s amazing that, as survivors, we pursue justice at all knowing that we are not armed with more information when we make the choice to engage with the justice system.


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